Hey Kids, I Shrunk the Works!

It seems to me there´s no little portion of defiance in dodging two of the main rules of marketable art: the bigger the better and the almost boldest classical must: it has to be oil (spilling?) on canvas. Instead I stubbornly stick to coloured pencil, delicate chalk pastels on some old paper. Even worse: after scribbling, smearing and milling I feed the work into the computer (devaluating!) and now even  decrease the size of the pictures to a double stamp square.

But I just found out that this minor size is the best to make those strange paintings confer their effects on the beholder. For all the automatic puzzling over technique and traces of getting the paint onto the paper vanish by minimizing and the picture can develope the pure pictorial effect on those who look at it.

In my case its about 200 pixels in height (the numbers below are those of the sheets I painted on):pinxstamp-226-227

So now – what do you see there? Strange parts of even stranger animals? Some spacial sceneries, cassical scenic painting for Wagnerian operas, the lower side of shower mats, beaks, spanish wind, light-emitting computer mice with …pimples??

Or here below:



Bubbles in space? Twin eggs? Metal worms like gooseneck microphones as in science fiction comics? Luminous deep sea fishKumquats? Melting roses?


Bulbs? Flyers? Sun reflecting in water? May be. All of that. And probably a lot more

It was the standard computer settings of displaying of pic files as thumbnails that suggested these way of looking at something in fact much bigger in size. Scandal that some kind of technical default intervenes my personal aesthetics!

Here some zoom-ins, “crudely exaggerated” close-ups of the same pics. An other world!

ebk-scanp-151108-212c-n2cut ebk-scanp-151121-227-mcut ebk-scanp-151031-191_r6cut ebk-scanp-151108-212c-ncut ebk-scanp-151109-214f_rcut ebk-scanp-151120-226d-mcut
ebk-scanp-151122-228c-recol ebk-scanp-151123-229c-man ebk-scanp-151123-229-recoll

Read the original German version of this posting.

PS.: By the way the “luminous deep sea” feedback to the pics multiplied during the last days of showing round. Meanwhile I found some very special “models” for further drawings here  – encouragement for further pinxographic excentric excursions from a total unexpected side ,-)

May 15th 2016: The shrinking continues!

Here´s 38 new works in mini size as I´m browsing my PinXoGraphic Sheets-and-Scans: The Hey Kids, I Shrunk The Works Collection # 322 – #342 :shrunk-collection323-342


Listening to while shrinking  :

Groove Armada: “Late Night Tales” Vol. 2, Azuli Records, 2008