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Of All Things: Could Handbags Save The World?

Nobody would have guessed that such remotees like forensics and fashion one day would merge into the globe-spanning “How to spot a fake designer handbag” question. Days like this, when affluent fashion victims are struggling harder than ever to keep on the “right path” – who would have thought that, could have imagined! Just meet jaw-dropping sixty million search results today on Google – crazy!

Me lost in humble research how to turn my paintings into handbags quite often plunge into this  deluge of posts & tutorials. For these clips, lists and advices are – no kidding – really instructive and lead me to the expert way considering the manufacturing of handbags made of my pareidolic paintings. Instructive, because all these counterfeit-agents deliver an often deep insight into the properties of luxurious designer bag artisanry. Beside those gorgeously unsnobby amateurs like Emma introducing her real Louis Vitton favs there are also the big mags like Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan supporting my thesis. All these stuff helps me think about the genesis of my own bags.

But caution: In case you proudly bought one of these bags pictured on this site, I’m sorry to tell you that you fell victim to a counterfeit.

You can’t buy an original pinxographic handbag because there still are none.

They all are dreamy subject of premonition, only exist as painted paper-sheets-turned-into-juicy-jpgs on the xcreen, hardly more than a nifty vision of a future real thing.

After such lots of drafts and designs this is admittedly economically inexcusable. All the more consider this is the fourth(!) semester I work on the idea. If there are still no handbags available the reason therefor lies in

My dream of handbags saving the world.

Bag (production) which is far from polluting rivers, consuming precious resources, waste energy,  materials or further heating up the atmosphere – the  quick-and-dirty coming to mind recommendation of printing patterns on used tarpaulin is much too short of vision – thanks, Jan, for your support! Bags that warm nothing but the hearts of the proud owner (or those of the aficionados). Bags that transform into something new instead of being discarded, bags that reform in(to) new splendor, style and colour grandezza. Or, even more daring : return back to the field, to the lab, to the light or.. this is hard to swallow: into yaps actually?

“Of all the things in the world! Handbags! Saving the world!” some might think. “Such superfluous status symbols! Such a weirdo!”


Maybe weirdo, but as the state of the world is today, EVERYTHING has to save the planet: nutrition, apparel, living space, transportation, communication, knowledge, empathy, even gangs of forgers 😉  Well, and lifestyle, too. So why not, for lifestyle implies vorbild potential (seen from this angle designer bags would be ideal for viral spreading-the-news).

But how? ..and the  quest begins..

While adrenalising-about in the internet™ I discovered Señorina ecowarriorprincess, giving hints on errors in reasoning about saving the future with new established sustainable fashion brands. I don’t stop being surprised what kind of new horizons open up by simply continuing this research. Topics like discussions about faulty start-up investment by German venture capital-mag, the posh feature film ‘The Next Blackabout the future of clothing dealing with new biomimetic ways of production, DNA origami,  the ifixit-movement. Telling the wheat from the chaff on Or, next bonanza of inspiration: the magnificent TEDx series – I’m just getting started- à propos/like Suzanne Lee: grow your own clothes:

«In the future: what would you choose to grow?»

or German Max Planck Gesellschaft: Exploiting Big Data to create innovative materials:

«Twelve Max Planck Society facilities are bundling their expertise in the data-driven materials sciences.»



Music while transforming this text from the original German version today:

Link – Arcadian (Artificial Intelligence 2)

IO (Mulen) – Open Mind

Steely Dan: “The Royal Scam”, ABC, 1976

Jay Bliss – Zâmbet De Soare

Thomas Dolby:” Aliens Ate My Buick”, Lost Toy People, 1981- check out this cool live Version of the album opener here.

Ventilator English – I’m A Fän!

Obwohl ich mich über meinen EnglischUnterricht auch Jahr(zehnt)e danach wirklich nicht beklagen kann – wir übten im Zuge gar live and DIY im LK ta-dah! süß-saure Küche – schlage ich dem globalsichtigen Oberschulamt wheresöver hier eine fff FunFaktorFergrößerung vor: lehrstoffaufnahmefördernde klassische Musik zum bewegt illustrierten Wortspiel – plus allerliebst blumenbouquetgarniert visualisierter Verdurchschüttelung. Ganz zu schweigen von dieser stellenweise wunderbar angenervten “Moderation” –

gorgeous, hilarious, Ms. Fanning! And a big shout out to.. Vogue!


And, by the way: would you like to have some umlauts with it?

Painting The Spume Of My Mind – Artist Statement PinXoGraphy

ambrotypie_uffelmann_fotnAfter taking photographic pictures for thirty-five years I felt a little weary and was worrying what photography could be for me in days to come. For with the dawn of Big Data taking and sharing pictures online has lost its innocence, and those trillions of daily added pics being seized by big companies making that old “Wissen ist Macht” finally come true. Just a few examples here and here..

These were two significant points for me to start looking for something new. Something fresh, something exciting, something way out of this modern digital world but mainly:

I craved something I’d never seen before.

Some good reads about painting regaining the predominance over photography finally brought me back to this bulk of old posters of my first band back in the 80ies ( I played the bass guitar), their empty backsides and pastel chalks in summer of 2015.

Since then amazing things happend. With my self-established rule simply being:  paint first, then digitally recolour. It turned out to be a seemingly unlimited source of astonishing, never-seen-before pictures, I some day labelled as “Nuancism“, some day as “tangled undergrowth paintings”:


But there’s an abundance of pure stark colour, too:


The question with them is: what comes to mind if you don’t recognize anything immediately?

My answer is: your personal memory.


And: it works automatically, involuntarily. So with these pictures you can get access on things you thought you forgot.

Although this ongoing flowing of pictures – I made a sheer 30 thousands within the last three years out of the 680+ sheets first painted, then processed digitally –

this is not about painting pictures, it’s about stimuli.

So I found a vast test field for the power of the human memory triggered by humble colours and funny shapes avoiding the obvious by simply doodling away in summer 2015. Challenge for (your) looking-on and pareidolic kaleidoscope for a thing called pictorial memory.


But starting painting in 2015 would have been as half as thrilling if it didn’t also bring into account/ignored all the modern wash of pictures that flood our overloaded modern brains.minds. Painting these pictures therefor means deliberately irritating the process of the 13 milliseconds that our brain really needs to judge a picture, thereby (re)calling all your available information, realizing your mind being stamped with/by brand logos, corporate designs and pictorial claims. PinXoGraphy as a serendipitously discovered means to learn that the brain memorizes anything by tickling the looking experience.

For maybe there’s a new-born/resurrected quality of abstract paintings which come to provide an apt echo chamber for elusive modern phenomena like short attention span, nomophobia, burnout, so this obsolete art form may regain new potential.

A potential in exploring areas in life that are hard to express verbally: feelings, premonitions related to social life, human behaviour, feelings towards or impacts of the world of work or that of business, even diplomacy. . Here my first few examples:



Then quickly came the idea of pinxographic home decoration:


or some special flavour for leisure-themed venues:

New in June ’17: a crazy idea from my neighbour I met while walking the dog lead me to start cutting out.. handbags (!) of the works:

So Hey! I can start all over with a presque inexhaustible quantum of footage ;-) but: of all things: could handbags save the world?

See a lot more PinXoGraphics here, a few more HandBag designs here.

Best-loved comment to this picture below: “Like a Japanese Miró!”


Listening to while… writing and editing:

St. Germain: “Boulevard” , F-Communications, 1995

Veronika Harcsa & Balint Gyemant: “Tell Her”, TRAUMTON, 2016

Yuja Wang “Ravel”, Deutsche Grammophon, 2015

Let Google Do The Work – My Gallery FAQ

Everyone looking at pics en masse would be familiar with this feeling of annoyance. Quite a few online portfolios of photographers, art dealers, model agencies or magazines fastidiously deliver pic-by-pic slide shows without providing a much more convenient overall view.

Seems like there´s someone aspiring out there trying to re-educate us in our fast-pacedness, tempting to slow us down as we arrive kneeling down in front of one single picture just like in former times but
I´m sure those days are gone forever.
It’s too easy to browse through hundreds of pics per minute. Everyone on the internet does it on a daily basis, but the slowness of one pick per click is getting on our trembling nerves.
So I took on an experiment by letting Google present the overview to my pics. Feeding the searching machine with “site of:“, it displays all enlisted pics of this website.
The price I pay for doing this is that visitors might get confused when they click on a “pics” button and are then automatically connected to google search results showing a wild mix of soodlepoodligan content.
It takes a little time to get used to this kind of presentation.
The thumbnails-to-be-found get you back to the site. Starting March 2015 I began to change around the word search as I was getting bored with always the same old resulting mix. I found an easy way to bring in some variation: there’s an abundance of pictures and text, most of the pics on this blog are untagged and surrounded by text. So I took a chance

by throwing in one single word to get out a diversity of pics.

Different words put into the search lead to different mixes of pictures. Here are three “compilations” using the search words  “habe (have)“, “an (at)” & “aus (off, from)“ f.l.t.r.

screenshot-diary-2016-01-18  screenshot-diary-20160118an  screenshot-diary-20160118b-

This way of pictorial lottery turns out to be an exciting way of juxtaposing my own pics – fotos, paintings or construction drawings find new neighbours to astonishing effects. Just like Austrian photographer Alois Hechenblaikner, or Lilah Ramzi´s Part Nouveau – two artists/curators working (albeit more deliberately ;-) ) on the two-picture-phenomenon.

Since then I tried these following words to make up my gallery:

By steadily adding more and more pictures and text this way of mixing is always dynamicely reacting to the latest status. By using the same old search string words there´s always new combinations of older and newest.

Revisiting those pics from time to time, I´d like to give some    to the most entertaining quests.

This  brought the idea of combining foto (right) and exclusively mouse click induced imagery (left) as splash screen:

Related hobbyhorse: the presentation of my pastells which all have the bit “ebk-scanp” in their file name. Online since June 2015. Next season: file under “ntr-scanp”, the most recent third file under “ysp-scanp”. Hey – do you feel the difference??

Some more mixes for Pleasure Of Beholding:

screenshot-diary-2015-12-31-pw-regelmaessig  screenshot-diary-2015-12-31-pw-einfach  screenshot-diary-2015-12-31-pw-grob  screenshot-diary-2015-12-31-pw-rein  screenshot-diary-2015-12-31-pw-100f   screenshot-diary-2015-12-31-pw-200b

Read the German version of this article.


Listening to while translating/writing:

Paul McCartney: “McCartney II”, Parlophone 1979

Matthew Herbert: “Scale” K7, 2006

Etienne de Crécy: “Tempovision”, Disques Solid, 2000

Clinton: “Disco and the Halfway to Discontent”, VIrgin, 1999

The Cardigans: “Life”, Polydor, 1995

Hey Kids, I Shrunk the Works!

It seems to me there´s no little portion of defiance in dodging two of the main rules of marketable art: the bigger the better and the almost boldest classical must: it has to be oil (spilling?) on canvas. Instead I stubbornly stick to coloured pencil, delicate chalk pastels on some old paper. Even worse: after scribbling, smearing and milling I feed the work into the computer (devaluating!) and now even  decrease the size of the pictures to a double stamp square.

But I just found out that this minor size is the best to make those strange paintings confer their effects on the beholder. For all the automatic puzzling over technique and traces of getting the paint onto the paper vanish by minimizing and the picture can develope the pure pictorial effect on those who look at it.

In my case its about 200 pixels in height (the numbers below are those of the sheets I painted on):pinxstamp-226-227

So now – what do you see there? Strange parts of even stranger animals? Some spacial sceneries, cassical scenic painting for Wagnerian operas, the lower side of shower mats, beaks, spanish wind, light-emitting computer mice with …pimples??

Or here below:



Bubbles in space? Twin eggs? Metal worms like gooseneck microphones as in science fiction comics? Luminous deep sea fishKumquats? Melting roses?


Bulbs? Flyers? Sun reflecting in water? May be. All of that. And probably a lot more

It was the standard computer settings of displaying of pic files as thumbnails that suggested these way of looking at something in fact much bigger in size. Scandal that some kind of technical default intervenes my personal aesthetics!

Here some zoom-ins, “crudely exaggerated” close-ups of the same pics. An other world!

ebk-scanp-151108-212c-n2cut ebk-scanp-151121-227-mcut ebk-scanp-151031-191_r6cut ebk-scanp-151108-212c-ncut ebk-scanp-151109-214f_rcut ebk-scanp-151120-226d-mcut
ebk-scanp-151122-228c-recol ebk-scanp-151123-229c-man ebk-scanp-151123-229-recoll

Read the original German version of this posting.

PS.: By the way the “luminous deep sea” feedback to the pics multiplied during the last days of showing round. Meanwhile I found some very special “models” for further drawings here  – encouragement for further pinxographic excentric excursions from a total unexpected side ,-)

May 15th 2016: The shrinking continues!

Here´s 38 new works in mini size as I´m browsing my PinXoGraphic Sheets-and-Scans: The Hey Kids, I Shrunk The Works Collection # 322 – #342 :shrunk-collection323-342


Listening to while shrinking  :

Groove Armada: “Late Night Tales” Vol. 2, Azuli Records, 2008