Of All Things: Could Handbags Save The World?

Nobody would have guessed that such remotees like forensics and fashion one day would merge into the globe-spanning “How to spot a fake designer handbag” question. Days like this, when affluent fashion victims are struggling harder than ever to keep on the “right path” – who would have thought that, could have imagined! Just meet jaw-dropping sixty million search results today on Google – crazy!

Me lost in humble research how to turn my paintings into handbags quite often plunge into this  deluge of posts & tutorials. For these clips, lists and advices are – no kidding – really instructive and lead me to the expert way considering the manufacturing of handbags made of my pareidolic paintings. Instructive, because all these counterfeit-agents deliver an often deep insight into the properties of luxurious designer bag artisanry. Beside those gorgeously unsnobby amateurs like Emma introducing her real Louis Vitton favs there are also the big mags like Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan supporting my thesis. All these stuff helps me think about the genesis of my own bags.

But caution: In case you proudly bought one of these bags pictured on this site, I’m sorry to tell you that you fell victim to a counterfeit.

You can’t buy an original pinxographic handbag because there still are none.

They all are dreamy subject of premonition, only exist as painted paper-sheets-turned-into-juicy-jpgs on the xcreen, hardly more than a nifty vision of a future real thing.

After such lots of drafts and designs this is admittedly economically inexcusable. All the more consider this is the fourth(!) semester I work on the idea. If there are still no handbags available the reason therefor lies in

My dream of handbags saving the world.

Bag (production) which is far from polluting rivers, consuming precious resources, waste energy,  materials or further heating up the atmosphere – the  quick-and-dirty coming to mind recommendation of printing patterns on used tarpaulin is much too short of vision – thanks, Jan, for your support! Bags that warm nothing but the hearts of the proud owner (or those of the aficionados). Bags that transform into something new instead of being discarded, bags that reform in(to) new splendor, style and colour grandezza. Or, even more daring : return back to the field, to the lab, to the light or.. this is hard to swallow: into yaps actually?

“Of all the things in the world! Handbags! Saving the world!” some might think. “Such superfluous status symbols! Such a weirdo!”


Maybe weirdo, but as the state of the world is today, EVERYTHING has to save the planet: nutrition, apparel, living space, transportation, communication, knowledge, empathy, even gangs of forgers ?  Well, and lifestyle, too. So why not, for lifestyle implies vorbild potential (seen from this angle designer bags would be ideal for viral spreading-the-news).

But how? ..and the  quest begins..

While adrenalising-about in the internet™ I discovered Señorina ecowarriorprincess, giving hints on errors in reasoning about saving the future with new established sustainable fashion brands. I don’t stop being surprised what kind of new horizons open up by simply continuing this research. Topics like discussions about faulty start-up investment by German venture capital-mag, the posh feature film ‘The Next Blackabout the future of clothing dealing with new biomimetic ways of production, DNA origami,  the ifixit-movement. Telling the wheat from the chaff on instagram.com/explore/tags/ethicalluxury/. Or, next bonanza of inspiration: the magnificent TEDx series – I’m just getting started- à propos/like Suzanne Lee: grow your own clothes:

«In the future: what would you choose to grow?»

or German Max Planck Gesellschaft: Exploiting Big Data to create innovative materials:

«Twelve Max Planck Society facilities are bundling their expertise in the data-driven materials sciences.»



Music while transforming this text from the original German version today:

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Steely Dan: “The Royal Scam”, ABC, 1976

Jay Bliss – Zâmbet De Soare

Thomas Dolby:” Aliens Ate My Buick”, Lost Toy People, 1981- check out this cool live Version of the album opener here.