Soodlepoodle photographs the city of Mannheim for post cards   
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It´s a strange thing with postcards. Casually snapped during a long shopping afternoon they´re nevertheless likely to reach the hearts of the receivers far better than some pictures framed by art galleries or museums.

Challenged by a strong feeling of having a different view on this town to offer, I took the chance of the 400th City Anniversary in 2007 to start building my first series of cards.
None of these pictures was aimed to be a post card at first. They emerged out of my archive as the idea to do it on postcards was born. Fascinated by the extraordinary lighting or the fugitiv colours opposed to the geographic fixation, it´s only the photography which allows you to take it all in a split second.
Of course some of the landmarks, the "Wasserturm" (water tower) and the "Fernmeldeturm" (telecommunication tower) are here. But each time with an ironic touch or in a snapshot-like way.

As you can see these are not casted locations but snapshots by a somebody who´s happy to live in this town, knows a lot of its many sides and is always curious about this ever-changing microcosmos called city.

Bernd Lindemann aka Soodlepoodle, September 2007
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