Hello. And a bit of caution: this is a blog that contains except this foreword exclusively stuff readable in German. After living in this country for nearly fifty years and being in love with language all the time IŽd like to indulge in all a native speaker can be capable of: experiment. creating poetry. Stories. And to dig up all those uncountable shades, hues and twisted views on a likewise banal reality simply applying language. Doing so I think everyone should know and use the language he was born into as good and extensively as he could, for language bears within itself all a human can be, or more: imagine to be. No further developed culture is thinkable without language. Even a decent communication as a solid basis on living together in an ever-growing global world is only achieved by knowing the meanings to all the words. At school I enjoyed English and French lessons for nine and seven years. At this time 2011 I try to add more like always picking up some Italian snippets from the kind woman at the bakery^s. IŽd also like to gather some bits of turkish on a long run, which I find very difficult to adopt because of the unpredictable mixture of seemingly well-known french and completely alienating arab ingredients.

The name of this blog refers to a major hit pop song back in 1982 and the notion that the song basically means the content, the meaning of the words of it.