I paint the line between good and evil

It all started the days I released this forty-fifth postcard of the city of Mannheim:

For lucky me Mannheim-photographer a gorgeous coincidence of weather, light and kondensstreifen, for the soon-to-be viewers unintelligible, unfathomable, a plain strange.

Almost no one would believe it to be a simple, real foto.

The digital revolution, so I guessed now, had finally altered  the way people will forever look on pictures: suspiciously, knowing that literally everything could be corrected, post-producted, made up and.. faked.

Therefore since day one this card keeps sticking to the shelves. And not only because of the unusual format of 10 x 21 cm ( 4″ x 8″) and thus the “danger” of affording more shipping fee (it doesn´t).

A year later I reached the conclusion that I made the “mistake” of depicting two of the best-known shapes of the city and “combining” them with that unbelievable clouds, placing this bleak white spot (the evening sun) amidst the deformed ring (a stone sculpture). All these add up to the alienation, although (so I naively imagined) everybody knowing that place in Mannheim would cheer about it and this special photographic effect of over-exposure (=blending into white) easily would have been recognized.

I was wrong. And learned a lot of that experience: There´s a NEW line of plausibility one mustn´t cross doing postcards of existing places.

It also put heavy damage on my ambition to strive for the real extraordinary in photography. “What use looking for the best picture if nobody believes it?”

In those days I soberly had to re-draw the line between good and evil. And recognized that good ol´ painting gains new value after being put in second row by photography one and a half centuries ago. This line can be coulourful. Abstract. Obscure. Soothing. Energizing. Infuriating. And it definitely  is blurred.

Emotional and psychic ignitions are the true reality in pictures these days.

Everything else could be fake and has to be mistrusted. And virtuality gets closer to reality with ideas spreading all over the globe in seconds and production tools in mostly everybody´s hands.

With fotos mankind  nowadays only reproduces its klischees over and over again. Like an endless prayer to belong. So I´m off diving into colour and canvas again after a thirty-year break. Everything with painting is new since daytime reality changed so drastically. So welcome to the gallery! Guess what is real and what is.. real, too:

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Music while writing:

various artists: “Touché”, Touché, 1996