Some Memories Of German Snow (You Never Met)

Hi Dev (I hope my spelling is right),

back home after our brief encounter on the bridge from Ludwigshafen to Mannheim yesterday I not only grew BIG worries about some translation software applied to my blog would make it for some  decent results, I luckily remembered the name of your home town Rourkela and learned some astonishing facts about it, mainly from the German Wiki page. Facts about the first big-scale “Entwicklungshilfe” 1954 gone wrong  that made a curious mixed feeling together with your info about having an Oktoberfest over there. Nothing mentioned in the english wiki…I even found some gruesome “Spiegel” article about it- in “then-speak” dating back to January 1966! Nowadays this overcome post-war style no serious journalist would dare to use..

I´m also looking forward to my soon-to-be-developed pictures, not only of the little trees in bloom where we met by chance- above a pic from 2009 to get the idea of taking better/more pics some day – but also to the rest of the approx. 200 pics I took during last afternoon. Gorgeous first glimpse of spring!!

As maker of local postcards it is very appealing to me imagining you taking the “winter card” 13/14 back to India and having it placed maybe on your real desktop.

Again:`t was nice to meet you!

Bernd aka Soodlepoodle


Listening to while writing:

Morphine: “Cure For Pain”, RYKO, 1993