Painting The Spume Of My Mind – Artist Statement PinXoGraphy

ambrotypie_uffelmann_fotnAfter taking photographic pictures for thirty-five years I felt a little weary and was worrying what photography could be for me in days to come. (For) With the dawn of Big Data taking and sharing pictures online has lost its innocence, and those trillions of daily added pics being seized by big companies making that old “Wissen ist Macht” finally come true.

These were two significant points for me to start looking for something new. Something fresh, something exciting, something way out of this modern digital world but mainly:

I craved something I’d never seen before.

Some good reads about painting regaining the predominance over photography finally brought me back to this bulk of old posters of my first band back in the 80ies ( I played the bass guitar), their empty backsides and pastel chalks in summer of 2015.

nnn-scanp-170907-531b-r2vr6 nnn-scanp-170807-519-r2vnre nnn-scanp-170505-475j-r180v

nnn-scanp-170619-492-re180v nnn-scanp-170611-489e-r2r7n ntr-scanp-160601-352b-mnrec

ysp-scanp-170218-439d-r2v91 ysp-scanp-170301-445d-nvnr8 ysp-scanp-170303-448g-r2vr5

ysp-scanp-170331-465b-r2v2r  ysp-scanp-170331-465e-r3vnr ysp-scanp-170401-466g-rv2r5

.hbe-scanp-180116-583h-rvnr9 hbe-scanp-171223-572-r2vr98 hbe-scanp-180117-584f-rvnr2

hbe-scanp-180124-586d-r2vnr hbe-scanp-171229-574f-r2v2f hbe-scanp-171229-574b-r2vr9

Since then amazing things happend. With my self-established rule simply being:  paint first, then digitally recolour. It turned out to be a seemingly unlimited source of astonishing, never-seen-before pictures, I some day labelled as “Nuancism“, some day as “tangled undergrowth paintings”.

The question with them is: what comes to mind if you don’t recognize anything immediately?

My answer is: your own memory.

And: it works automatically, involuntarily. So with these pictures you can get access on things you thought you forgot.

ysp-scanp-170129-433d-manor ysp-scanp-170118-428e-rvr27 ysp-scanp-170118-428d-r180 ysp-scanp-170104-424h-r4vrf ntr-scanp-160214-278d-rv2 ysp-scanp-161126-412-r2v3nr

Although this ongoing flowing of pictures – I made a sheer 25 thousands within the last two years out of the 450 sheets first painted, then processed digitally -

this is not about painting pictures, it’s about stimuli.

So I found a vast test field for the power of the human memory triggered by humble colours and funny shapes avoiding the obvious by simply doodling away in summer 2015. Challenge for (your) looking-on and pareidolic kaleidoscope for a thing called pictorial memory.

ysp-scanp-161014-392-recoll ntr-scanp-160603-353k-recol ysp-scanp-160910-385-r3x2la ysp-scanp-160909-384c-manor ysp-scanp-161222-419c-mnrec ysp-scanp-161218-418b-r5v0r

But starting painting in 2015 would have been as half as thrilling if it didn’t also bring into account/ignored all the modern wash of pictures that flood our overloaded modern brains.minds. Painting these pictures therefor means deliberately irritating the process of the 13 milliseconds that our brain really needs to judge a picture, thereby (re)calling all your available information, realizing your mind being stamped with/by brand logos, corporate designs and pictorial claims. PinXoGraphy as a serendipitously discovered means to learn that the brain memorizes anything by tickling the looking experience.

For maybe there’s a new-born/resurrected quality of abstract paintings which come to provide an apt echo chamber for elusive modern phenomena like short attention span, nomophobia, burnout, so this obsolete art form may regain new potential.

A potential in exploring areas in life that are hard to express verbally: feelings, premonitions related to social life, human behaviour, feelings towards or impacts of the world of work or that of business, even diplomacy. Some catalysator to pin something down by beholding these pictures:

pinxography_cohrs-1726 pinxography_cohrs-1678
This two already made it  from painting to digitizing ”back” to the real world @ COHRS Mannheim, Germany

New pictures in July click here. And here.

New in June: a crazy idea from my neighbour I met while walking the dog lead me to start cutting out.. handbags (!) of the works:

hbk-ysp-scanp-170502-474h-r hbk-ysp-scanp-170426-472j-t hbk-nnn-scanp-170529-482b-r hbk-ebk-scanp-151230-252g-l  hbk-nnn-scanp-170529-482-rehbk-nnn-scanp-170506-476k-r

hbk-vrlfscreen-170301-445-r hbk-vrlfscreen-170301-445-s hbk-vrlfscreen-170301-445-t hbk-vrlfscreen-170301-445-u hbk-vrlfscreen-170301-445-v hbk-ysp-scanp-170423-471-re

hbk-ebk-scanp-151230-252g-r hbk-ysp-scanp-170426-472k-r  hbk-vrlfscreen-170506-476k

So Hey! I can start all over with a presque inexhaustible quantum of footage ;-)

ysp-scanp-161029-398b-r2v2r ysp-scanp-161011-390b-r2vn ysp-scanp-160929-387d-recol ysp-scanp-160908-383c-r2lay ysp-scanp-160821-379e-manor ysp-scanp-160817-378f-4v5d9 ysp-scanp-160817-378-r3v3r4 ntr-scanp-160704-364d-r3v3n ntr-scanp-160809-376-r4vnr5ntr-scanp-160730-373f-re2vn ntr-scanp-160730-373c-r3vr3 ntr-scanp-160729-372e-r3v3n

ntr-scanp-160530-350f-rvr6 ysp-scanp-161113-406b-r2v23 ysp-scanp-161105-403e-rvr3

ysp-scanp-161024-397-r2vnr3 ysp-scanp-161218-418b-r5v0r ysp-scanp-161213-417g-r4vnr

ysp-scanp-161120-409c-man ysp-scanp-161116-408b-rec ebk-scanp-160101-253er2v


ntr-scanp-160726-371g-rvr3 ntr-scanp-160726-371c-r180 ntr-scanp-160720-370e-r2v2 ntr-scanp-160713-368j-r4vr2 ntr-scanp-160711-367b-manor ntr-scanp-160622-361e-r6v2r ntr-scanp-160603-353e-rv4r2 ntr-scanp-160617-360-r4vrc ntr-scanp-160601-352d-r3v2r ntr-scanp-160616-359i-rvr2 ntr-scanp-160601-352g-rv2rn ntr-scanp-160529-349f-r2v2r ntr-scanp-160530-350-r3v2r3 ntr-scanp-160524-348c-man ntr-scanp-160511-342b-r2vr ntr-scanp-160511-342e-rec5v ntr-scanp-160428-332k-recv3 ntr-scanp-160501-333b-r180vk4 ntr-scanp-160428-332f-rec6 ntr-scanp-160428-332c-re5vk ntr-scanp-160328-317g-re4vr ntr-scanp-160421-329d-rv4re ntr-scanp-160421-330f-rec2v ebk-scanp-160101-253f-norm

ebk-scanp-151216-249b-nr180 ebk-scanp-151220-251e-r5v2 ysp-scanp-170214-437c-r3vr9

See a lot more PinXoGraphics here.

Listening to while… writing and editing:

St. Germain: “Boulevard” , F-Communications, 1995

Veronika Harcsa & Balint Gyemant: “Tell Her”, TRAUMTON, 2016

Yuja Wang “Ravel”, Deutsche Grammophon, 2015