Taking A Look Back On 2011

Of course a soodlepoodlian one! I´m trying to do a mix of comments on my pictures and a sort of creative résumé. Where do you find yourself as a photographer at the end of the first decade of the millennium? The internet and the carelessness of its users virtually made copyright disappear. As a result all kinds of creative professions have suffered a terrible loss of “reason-to-be” while almost every one in the industrialised world holds a camera and is able to publish their own “works” in a split-second on a worldwide base. I am writing a new line to stress on this last statement. For it is simply this – the new life of creative people.

Soodlepoodle Startbild 2011- Jansplash screen 2011- January Soodlepoodle Startbild 2011- Märzsplash screen 2011- March

Just look at the difference: between the antipodes such as Jeff Wall, who didn´t publish more than 100 pictures in his whole career, Anseln Adams (“Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop“) and the opposing modern agencies who throw out more than thirty thousand pics a month for online catalogues, or (status mid `11) the 79.000 pics , which every single of your then average 345 facebook friends can look at or as a novelty these days: can easily print. All sorts of approach towards that new world of pictures are possible: The disappointing feeling of being a mere drop in the ocean. The freedom to dispose over who you want to be. The big ol´ dream of fame and money. Needless to say: all of this takes place apart from the amateur shooting and uploading fury. Coming up strong and being well-received by big industries to acquire, ahem, free content trading with big exposure. In Germany for example it is stern.view, elsewhere there are sites such as panoramio or blog-platforms like mighty upcoming tumblr, not to mention facebook.

Soodlepoodle Startbild 2011- Jansplash screen 2011- May Soodlepoodle Startbild 2011- Märzsplash screen 2011- September

So back to my little slice of photographic turf: most of the time in 2011 I concentrated on maintaining or gently expanding the distribution of my postcards, always trying to make it more effective. A real sport indeed, this self-marketing thing. For me even a fun thing- inventing some “Verkaufshilfen” -a german word for “sales tools” from the world of retail- and simply trying out some new ideas from that field. Result: more promotional movements than tours with camera. Much more.

Soodlepoodle Startbild 2011- Oktobersplash screen 2011- October Soodlepoodle Startbild 2011- Junisplash screen 2011- June

As gruesome as this sounds for a guy holding a camera, its not bad with me. By the way a significant thought comes to my mind here, thinking of an interview I read about/with Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado, which revealed a permanently injured eye from too much clicking. Once again a sobering glimpse of the downside of being famous.. Deliberately having decided NOT to generate my main income from photography I´m free to do (or not) what I like. This is my point for 2011. And exactly my plans for the future.

Soodlepoodle Startbild 2011- Novembersplash screen 2011- October II Soodlepoodle Startbild 2011- Novembersplash screen 2011- November

This freedom comprises mainly research- who´d have thought that- surfing the internet, discover new pics, people, stories or artists and pursuing my new poison: blogging. The internet is an inexhaustible well of inspiration, education, flea-market-joys of discovering or simply growing, on themes of the personal improvements in life. So I´d like to conclude that writing became my second strongest occupation of the year 2011. You´re just looking at it ;-) But back to Soodlepoodle Photography: As you can easily see from the pictures on this page it is always the experimentation that thrills me the most. So nothing has changed since the last year. Be it the combining of text with photos/picture or the endless possibilities of digital picture processing. Even thoughts about doing a book or not. And, last but not least some thrilling projects with some other people leading to who knows..

Soodlepoodle Startbild 2011- Augustsplash screen 2011- August Soodlepoodle Startbild 2011- Dezembersplash screen 2011- Dezember

Another source of joy is talking to photographic colleagues, be it about artistic or personal topics. It is always very inspiring for me to discover each time anew how directly the character of the person causes his or her creative output. Then 2011 there was some world wide communication. For example with 500photographers.com inventing Dutch photographer Pieter Wisse and South Africa based wedding photographer Nikki Meyer. They both enhance and inspire my life- as I hopefully effect theirs in return- Thanks to all of You!

Soodlepoodle Startbild 2011- Julisplash screen 2011- July

In closing for this little résumé I´d like to post my immediate comment on a likewise high-flying question to my “aesthetical concept”, sort of vernissage-like small talk, asked for ask sake, not being too interested: “I simply avoid the cliche.”   (Read the the original article in German here. ) __________________________________________________________________________ music playing while writing:

Air: “Pocket Symphony” 2007, Virgin

ABC: “The Lexicon Of Love” 1981,Virgin

various artists: “Best Of 2Tone“, 1993 Chrysalis

Moby: “Hotel” (Ambient CD), 2005 Mute

and a funky self-stirred mix of bands and artists like:

Liquid Lounge, Rae & Christian feat The Pharcyte, d´Angelo, Megashira, Project 2000, Dzihan & Kamien, Q-tip, J-Live, Charles, Brand New Heavies feat. Main Source, MJ Cole, Jaffa , Llorca, Angie Stone, The Quiet Boys and the Underwolves and a heavily good-natured guitar-ska-emo mix with: Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars , the Specials , Box Car Racer, Toasters, Kosho, The Toy Dollz, Bananafishbones, The Police, Fenix*TX, Uncle Kracker, Sugababes, New Order, Southern Culture On The Skids, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Elvis, Paul McCartney, Montana Chromeboy, The Toy Dollz/ W.A. Mozart, France Gall, Rea & Christian, Neu!, Laika and Rickie Lee Jones