Maybe I should rename to DoodlePoodle?

Heatwave in Germany. Afternoon temperature reaching 100° F. All extra action is cancelled, siesta mode established as possible. But early in the waking morning there´s plenty o´ space and mood to scribble on newly rediscovered sheets of paper. Once in the eighties (!) they were made to become my first band´s posters. Now well-aged, the sheets sport a fine surface structure springing from all those thirty years of all the ever-changing humidity can do to wood(en products). And 600 dpi-scanning-after-scribbling and some hurry-scurry photoshopping  ;-) reveals these awesome effects & details:

ebk-scan-150807-63c  ebk-scan-150807-63b  ebk-scan-150807-64e ebk-scan-150807-64e2  ebk-scan-150809-66  ebk-scan-150809-66e-drehwur ebk-scan-150809-67  ebk-scan-150811-69g  ebk-scan-150811-70

Exciting fact: all these mindless scribbles lead me straight into my personal iconic memory. And be sure to have a pretty crammed one at a certain age having seen all these millions of pictures. The trick here is avoiding figurative painting in any form. Only allusions do the work for this pareidolic experiment. Just look at the pics and think of things that come to your mind!

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